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Let's create, Let's innovate, Let's play!

Our purpose is to preserve and improve the quality of life through our products. What drives us is the capacity of service to anyone who can benefit from our video games. Learn more about us, our mission and vision.

In the works...

Demolition Math

Formerly a mini-game available in the Professor Cornelius ® mini-games suite, now being reworked as an individual project with tons of new features and improvements!

Multiple game modes

Leaderboards and achievements

Improved graphics

Welcome to LMP Games

Founded in 2008 by Mario Alejandro Llerena. He's been programming since he was 8. LMP Games aims to rescue the human creativity by playing. Fun, casual and educational games for everyone. We are family, we are LMP Games, No Limits to Play!

LMP Games - We are innovation


LMP Games is directed under criteria of leadership, modernity, motivation, respect, team spirit, loyalty, transparency, honesty, innovation and internal competence. Progress must be demonstrated to move forward. The activity of all people linked to LMP GAMES, without exception, are oriented to results, customer service and integral quality.

LMP Games - We are creativity


It's truly enjoyable when our clients can benefit from our videogames, whether in the entertrenaiment, phisocological or educational scope. Committed as a company with high levels of ethics, LMP GAMES has a passion for the substantial and systematic improvement of the cognitive and health capacities of our society by playing.

LMP Games - We are family


The three main promoters of this project work in the field of technology, health research and administration. Working together always. Mario Alejandro, CEO & Founder, Empiric of Technology. Mario Guillermo, his father, medic and Research specialist in Molecular Medicine applied to technology / software, and Piedad Lucia, his mother, Technological Administrator.

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We are innovation; we are creativity; we are family; we are LMP Games!