Who are we?

LMP Games was founded in 2008 by Mario Alejandro Llerena with the main objective of creating videogames with an educational or important message for our society. These games are available for many platforms, including PC, Windows, Android & iTunes.


Our mission is to provide apps with high impact on the cerebral physiology which can preserve and improve the creativity of our users with a differential factor, turning them into active individuals of development and research within the society.


Our main purpose is to preserve and improve the quality of life through our products. What drives us is the capacity of service to anyone who can benefit from our videogames, so we provide a perdurable and full satisfaction to the consumers/clients.

LMP Cubes

CUBES have always been a way of showing our true colors and objectives the world, but what do they mean exactly? We have included a description of what each color tries to represent.



LOVE for what we do!
CREATIVITY shown in every project!




LIFE transmitted in attitude! 

 THE INNOCENCE of our characters!

HAPPINESS by making a huge difference! 

The story behind the project

There’s always a story behind the foundation of a company, and LMP Games isn’t the exception. Would you like to learn more about how all this started? Alejandro, our CEO will share a part of the story with you. What about the full story? Well, it’s probably too long to write here, so he has summarized it 😉

“When I was around 6, I started loving the gaming world. It all began when I made a deal with my parents; if I complied with what we agreed, they would give me an amazing gift; a video games console. I was so excited and did my best, so I successfully complied and I received the console as my reward. You know? Things like those helped me a lot to learn how to be responsible in life and faithful to my promises. I remember I started playing the platform games available back then, and it was an indescribable experience. I can’t express it with words, but after I played for a while, I decided that I would become a video game developer in the future. My parents have always been really supportive, and this wasn’t the exception. They were happy with my decision and supported me unconditionally with everything, and they still do, of course.

When I was 8, I started researching on my own about game development. I had the chance to practice with some software, and I finally began developing games when I was 10. I created some short and simple games for testing, and then I released my first commercial game in 2008. Yeah, that’s when I founded the company as well. The game was quite popular, but I felt that I could improve even more, so I removed that project from the website. I definitely plan to release it someday in the near future, though. Nevertheless, I kept developing games for many platforms. Flash games were incredibly popular, so I had the chance to release some of them, and after that, I developed games for mobile devices as well. I also took many online courses to learn the basics about many topics, and then keep researching and practicing on my own during all these years. I’ve had the chance to work with some important companies like Intel. One of my games was the winner of an event known as “App Latina”, which was an incredible experience and impulse for me. I know that I still have a lot to learn and improve, but here I am, ready for everything. I’m sure my story has just started, and that many great things await!”

Meet our team

Have you ever wondered why one of our mottoes is “We are family”? It’s not only because we believe our users are part of this huge family that is LMP Games, but also because it’s a family company itself. Not only that; we are a family and a team, so we share the responsibilities to reduce the workflow, nullify the stress, and make it easier. Learn more about our team!

Mario Llerena
Mario Llerena VP & Researcher
Mario is the VP of the company, in charge of game design, along with his son. He is a doctor and a lawyer, providing key information and researches to us, by proving how our products impact the users in many positive ways.
Game Design
Social Networks
Legal Advice
Medical Research
Alejandro Llerena
Alejandro Llerena CEO & Founder
The founder of LMP Games. Son of Mario and Piedad. Alejandro is also in charge of the game development aspects (his main strength), and most graphic design and web design responsibilities as well.
Game Development
Graphic Design
Web Design
Game Design
Social Networks
Piedad Vasquez
Piedad Vasquez Tech Manager
The technological manager of the company. Among many of her responsibilities, Piedad is also the customer support manager, and takes care of the accounting and billing matters.
Customer Support
Quality Assurance
Game Design

Contact us

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