Beta Program

Would you like to try our latest games before anyone else?

We want to invite you joining our exclusive BETA program then! Enjoy many benefits for free, and give us your valuable feedback to improve our products by fixing bugs and adding key features.


Try new games

Play our latest games before anyone else by joining this program. You will be able to download the newest BETA releases once they are available, and it's 100% free!

Give your feedback

Have you found a bug? Whether it's a big or small one, your feedback is valuable to us. Send us your comments with detailed information of the issue, so we can fix it ASAP!

YOU in the credits

As a special thank you for being part of the program and testing our games, we will add your name to the credits list. Please note that you have to send us your feedback in order to be added.

Special prizes

Being an active user within the program could give you special prizes, as a big thank you for your support, like the full version of our commercial games, merchandising and much more.


To keep our community as clean and friendly as possible, we have created a series of rules which allow us to have an organized program:

How to join...

The steps are pretty simple


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Yes, although there’s not a specific limit on the amount of beta testers. If the program is full, new sign ups will be disabled until new spots are available.

If there’s a high period of inactivity (not giving feedback), or you don’t comply with the rules, your account will be removed from the program.

There isn’t a particular way of getting prizes. We can recommend you to be active and give as much feedback as you can. However, please note that there’s not any guarantee of receiving these prizes after a determined amount of time, feedback or similar parameters. Prizes are given as an incentive and thank you to some of our users. Please refer to our terms of use for more information.