Shoolicious Frenzy

Shoolicious Frenzy

Eat tons of candies in this dream world, but don't forget about your diet!


Shoolicious Frenzy - Screenshot 2
Shoolicious Frenzy - Screenshot 2
Shoolicious Frenzy - Screenshot 3
Shoolicious Frenzy - Screenshot 4

Eat as many sweets as you can in this Candy Land, but don’t forget about your diet! Courtney is a girl who loves sugar. She’s a bit noisy and dramatic, but kind, and sweet of course. Help her to achieve her main objective in this dream land of candy.

Move your crosshair and try to shoot as many candies as possible. Remember that you have a limited amount of darts, so recharge them constantly. Avoid bombs and other bad elements, and try to catch power ups to get an increased amount of points based on your combos.

Get the best score before your energy reaches zero. You can get more energy by shooting candies or by getting certain special power ups. Increase your speed with Chocolate Passion, destroy everything and get increased points for it with a Colorful Caramel, recharge your energy with a magical Sugar Heart, protect yourself from harm with Jelly Shield, decrease the speed of all elements with Sticky Bubblegum or eat a Delicious Candy Cane and get an additional dart.

Try to survive as much as you can, because difficulty will increase constantly.

How far will you get? Courtney probably will need a dentist after this! 😉

  • HD Graphics which fit on any device.
  • Delicious music.
  • Colorful sweets and candies.
  • Publish your scores locally or login with Google Play to compete with other users around the globe.
  • Unlock incredible and lovely achievements via Google Play Game Services.
  • Game difficulty increases every certain amount of seconds you survive, increasing the amount of elements generated and the amount of energy lost.

Get the most out of your stay in Candy Land and eat as much as you want!



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