Our Sacred Tale

Our Sacred Tale

Our Sacred Tale

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The first single with original songs for the video game Sacred Tales, now available for digital purchase! Our Sacred Tale tells the story of what’s going on in Sacred City; a place full of secrets which the main protagonists known as the Chosen Ones, will have to uncover in order to protect their beloved ones and even the world itself. The city is well-known for having a strange phenomenon called the parallel dimension, as strange events, including the disappearance of many inhabitants is giving a mixed image of the city to the world. A good an interesting image for those who love mysteries and paranormal things, but a bad and worrying image to the governments. Supposedly, an evil organization is behind these events. 

Parallel Lives on the other hand, is more romantic oriented, but following the same story. This song tells the feelings of those who love someone, but due to the problems the city is facing, find it hard or even impossible to express. In Sacred City, there are times when you don’t really know what’s real or not.